If everyone had the same body, one fitness program would do.

But each of us is different. What works for one person, may not be what you need to get into shape and stay that way. That's where an in-home personal trainer can help.

  • We bring the gym to you. TipTop Athletics brings professional guidance and a great workout right in your own home, office, or local park at a time that fits your schedule. No more crowded and often intimidating health clubs: You don't have to compete with anyone, dress up for anyone, or work out to impress anyone. The focus is solely on you and achieving your goals.
  • We make fitness fun and exciting, not a chore. Our in-home personal trainers are experienced professionals with expertise in the science and practice of exercise, diet and fitness. You'll stretch, lift, kick and tone your way into shape, using equipment we bring to you.
  • We keep you motivated and on track. Working with a personal trainer gives you accountability and consistency in your workouts. We will monitor every aspect of your fitness program, varying your program to not only keep you interested, but also to ensure that your body and fitness level keeps progressing.
  • We can work with medical issues. Whether you're returning to exercising after an illness or injury, or just have a nagging back or neck pain, we can recommend specific exercises to build your strength and ease your symptoms.
  • Your goals are our goals. Want to drop inches and lost body fat, build muscle and get tomes, or simply want to be fit and healthy? At TipTop Athletics, our mission is to use our knowledge and expertise to help you achieve the goals you set for yourself.

Ready to move better. Feel better. Look better? Contact us now for a free personal consultation.