Fit, thin and sexy.

It has a nice ring to it. But wanting to lose weight and actually doing it are two different things. That's where Tip-Top Athletics' in-home weight management program can make all the difference.

We understand that dieting is difficult. That's why we bring personalized weight management services to you, including our proven Meal target program and fitness plan that can transform your body and dramatically improve your health, strength and self-image.

Based on the latest in nutritional science, we used our Meal Target Program to help:

  • Create a sensible, holistic approach to weight loss that help will change how you think about eating and dieting.
  • Dispel the myths and fallacies of weight loss so that you can make more educated choices about your health and fitness.
  • Teach you how many calories YOU burn and then show you how you can eat the foods you want, when you want, and still lose weight.
  • Show you a more satisfying way to weight loss, inventorying your foods and recipes so that you can enjoy the same great tastes, but with better, healthier alternatives.

Fit, thin and sexy doesn't happen overnight. That's why we'll be there for you through every step of the way, providing easy-to-follow guidelines and ongoing encouragement to help you stay on track and motivated. So even if you've never lost weight before, we can help you reach new levels of health and fitness.

Whether you need to lose 60 pounds, want to get toned or seriously bulk up, contact TipTop Athletics now for your free weight loss consultation. We'll get you started on a healthier fitness and nutrition plan built just for you one that will help you look and feel years younger.